Welcome to Zofia Day

Our Founder

Today, like most days, Lisette Polny is thinking about nature. 

“The garden decides everything I do here,” says the native Californian.  “Nature keeps us surprised.”

An archway of Bougainville; a field of daisies and tall grass; the lushness of orange blossoms at  first bloom. Sweet, light, natural. All of her jewelry tries to replicate the fleeting experiences while her vast knowledge of flora informs the intricate designs.

A veteran of the LA fashion industry, Polny turned her attention to jewelry as a personal passion project. The maiden voyage: Her engagement ring, featuring a raw center diamond flanked with pavé. Then came the ear cuff. And a crescent moon necklace. And raw gems etched with diamonds. Each turned heads and collectively nudged her toward a new calling. 

In 2012, Zofia Day was established. It’s the namesake of her free-spirited grandmother and her daughter “Zo.” Indeed, heritage is rooted in the brand. In addition to the Zofia Day line, Lisette breathes new life into heirlooms, creating pieces that are enduringly fresh and classic. From repurposing antique engagement rings to revitalizing estate jewelry, Lisette favors timelessness over trends with legacy firmly in her grasp. 

A timeless expression of yourself.

Old-world diamond rings become everyday signets. A pair of vintage earrings are transformed into necklaces linking best friends. A grandmother’s fiery opal emerges from a dark jewelry box to shine as a token daily.  Enlisting intuitional design, symbolism, and a team of master goldsmiths, Lisette also creates new custom pieces for clients and brides. 

Growing up in San Clemente, California, everything had its season. Swallows and sweet peas heralded spring, a time when Polny foraged the hillside dotted with thousands of sweet peas in hues of purple, pink and the rare speckled white. In summer, a basket of green grapes cooled beach days while Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin fueled evening bonfires. 

“Flowers and music spark every bit of my creativity,” says Lisette. “That’s the magic that flows through this jewelry.” 

Zofia Day is stocked at independent boutiques in the US and Asia. Lisette conducts personal consultations at the Zofia Day studio in Leucadia, California. .